Xhtmlchop Review – Magento Development

Building an e-commerce website is quite a task. Usually all the designing files are available in the PSD format. Using these files for a website may not be feasible. It makes sense to convert them into a compatible format for the website. For this, you can approach a reputed Magento development service such as Xhtmlchop. They covert your image files into a fully functional Magento website. They let you implement paid extensions. They provide Magento customization and integration services along with perfect pixel conversion. They also offer hand-coded markups ensuring that you get the best template. They make your website responsive. This makes it compatible to open on various devices like mobile, tablets, desktop, TV, and more devices. The service helps with the installation by delivering theme files. They take care of the installation of the files to your server. They handle all the work completely, not letting you worry about anything. They provide a template that comes with multi-lingual support. This helps your website reach out to people of various languages. They offer various optional features like mega-level dropdown, CSS frameworks, page speed optimization and many more. IPhone, iPad, and Android compatibility, jQuery implementation, retina display and screen readers compatibility are other features included in the package.

Xhtml review magento deveopment
Benefits of Service -

* The most important aspect of a website is the accessibility. Xhtmlchop PSD to Magento conversion service helps to create a responsive template that is compatible to open on various devices. This makes it possible for people using various kinds of devices to get access to your website. This helps to improve the reach of your website.

* The multi-lingual support feature included in the PSD to Magento conversion package helps to reach out to people of various languages.
This improves your visibility largely as people with numerous languages can get access to it to gain information.

* The feature providing clarity for retina-supportive devices makes it possible for people with visual imparity to check your website, expanding your reach even more.

* Xhtmlchop reviews highlight the highest quality markup offered by the service. They ensure to offer the best quality work to clients immaterial of the size and complexity of conversions.

* They create templates that are compatible with latest browsers making it possible to be accessed by everyone making it credible and easily usable to internet users.

* They provide 180 days free support ensuring to look after all the requirements of clients.

* They have a non-disclosure agreement, which ensures maximum privacy of your work.

How much does it cost?

Xhtmlchop offers one of the most affordable PSD conversion service in the industry. They offer the best quality PSD to Magento conversion service. You can make use of their service in form of a package with the best features. The home page is converted at the cost of $299. For the inner page, $99 is charged. They provide a 100% money back guarantee, which gives you an assurance of their service. Xhtmlchop review highlights the affordability of the service making it feasible for everyone to make use of the service. You can order for the service directly on the website.

For more details please visit our website :- https://www.xhtmlchop.com/magento-development.html

Xhtmlchop Review – PSD to Joomla

xhtmlchop review - psd to joomlaMost websites get their designing work done in the PSD format. From usability point of view, a website cannot be used in the PSD format and has to be converted into some format that eases its usage and makes it compatible across browsers. For this, you can get the PSD work converted to Joomla. To get this done, you can take the help of a reputed service provider like Xhtmlchop. They provide the service in the form of a package that includes various features. You get a fully functional template that works as a back end to the website. The templates are easy to install and use making it simple for you to manage your website through the CMS. They work on the version of Joomla you require.

The template offered is light which fast load speed of the website. The templates are designed in such a way that they are compatible to work on different browsers. As optional features, the service provides multi-language support in which the template can be used in various languages. Proper extensions are made use of to make it work in various regional and worldwide languages. Other optional features are K2 component and VirtuMart installation. They provide responsive layout, single-page portfolio, onsite installation, and support.

Benefits of Service -

* As the load speed of the website is fast, visitors can easily search for whatever they want on it. They do not have to spend much time waiting for it to load. This is bound to bring about an increase in re-visits and new visitors to the website.

* The templates are compatible across a range of browsers, which makes it possible for everyone to get access to it. This increases the number of visitors to your website.

* Xhtmlchop has experts with many years of experience in providing conversion work to clients from different industries. This ensures that your work is done with maximum professionalism.

* Xhtmlchop reviews highlight the high quality markup they maintain for the work. As the work is done by professionals, the quality of work is very good. They handle simple as well as complex projects. They ensure to provide work with best quality standards.

* They follow a non-disclosure agreement, which ensures that your work is kept private.

* They provide 180 days free support. This means that if there is any issue or query regarding the work they provide, you can get it solved immediately without any delay.

* The packages they offer come with the best features making it beneficial for you to make use of the service.

How much does it cost?

Xhtmlchop is one of the most affordable PSD conversion service. Xhtmlchop review highlights the best quality PSD to Joomla conversion service offered by the provider. The cost for the home page starts at $149. For the inner page, $39 is charged. It is one of those companies that offer 100% money back guarantee. This gives clients the assurance about the quality of work. They could even get it re-done if they are not satisfied with it. You can place your order directly on the website of the service. Their packages include numerous features at affordable prices. Prices for all packages are described in detail on the site.

For more details please visit our website :- https://www.xhtmlchop.com/psd-to-joomla.html

Xhtmlchop Review-Optimize your Campaign with PSD to Email Conversion Services

With more and more people using the internet for shopping and other commercial activities, internet marketing has gained an unprecedented importance. Personalized HTML emailer marketing and newsletters have become the preferred tools for advertisers to promote their products. They are used in a variety of ways to create awareness among consumers. However the challenges faced in creating emailers that are compatible with a wide variety of email tools like Thunderbird, Eudora or Outlook are many. With the number of email services such as hotmail, msn yahoo, it becomes even more necessary to create templates and CSS supported codes that are versatile. The best way to do this to to convert designs into an HTML email template using services from companies such as xhtmlchop. Having PSD converted into email has a certain process. From designing the email, slicing the PSD file, then converting it to email requires immaculate execution. It needs to be tested across all the various platforms and popular browsers to check compatibility before it is integrated into your webmail and is ready to be used. Hiring a professional and expert team for the email conversion service is the best way to ensure that the job is done well.

Benefits of the service

  • Compatibility: Your emailer will be compatibility with a large number of email as well as desktop email clients. The most popular and widely used clients are included in this list. 
  • Customization: It is possible to create highly customized emails that allow you to promote your brand efficiently. The mailer is designed in Photoshop which promotes creative freedom in terms of style, design, fonts, color schemes etc. This design is then used to convert it into a web compatible format. 
  • Targeted customer: PSD to email allows mailers to address the specific users. It is known that there are more chances that a customer will respond to mails that are personally addressed to them. This makes your ad campaign individual and customer oriented. 
  • Interactive Emails: The attractive layout and content of the emailer will ensure that your email is not just dismissed by the customer. It will increase the chances of being responded to. 
  • Integration: The flexibility that HTML coding to email offers easy integration into webmail and allows complete control of your campaign. You can refer to xhtmlchop review to know more. 
  • Feedback: Instant notification for the action taken with regards to your emailer. The information of whether the consumer has seen, responded or clicked any of the service links can be retrieved. This will help you customize and enhance your strategy for the future campaigns.

How much does it cost?

Packages for PSD to email conversions start as low as $45. They are based on the table markup with inline style attribute for each particular element. The average size recommended to be used is 600px. The services are highly affordable and include satisfaction guarantee and money back guarantee. The company will make sure that every aspect of the conversion is done to perfection. You can check out Xhtmlchop reviews to know more about the services.

For more details please visit our website :- https://www.xhtmlchop.com/psd-to-email.html

Xhtmlchop Review- Magento Development

Magento development can be considered as the most innovative concept in the field of e-commerce. The innumerable benefits that they offer leaves you astounded. This service has opened a lot of arenas for everyone. The most beneficial factor that comes into light is that it paves way for versatile content management. You will be glad to know that xhtmlchop offers the remarkable facility of magneto development. The fact that your website will be built on the grounds of SEO is enough to lure you. All one needs to do is provide them with the raw material. The rest is taken care of by them. If you wish for your site to respond immediately when the customers clicks on a particular link, you should definitely go for magento development.

If one wishes to open his store online, this service is the safest bet. This is because magento development has a capacity of handling stupendous products as well as orders. The service is such that your website will be configured to various devices. Also, the service is also open to different language and font. This service is a one stop shop for those who are budding entrepreneurs and are looking forward to having a commercial website. With the help of this development, they can increase their sales and online visibility.

xhtml review - magento development

Benefits of service:-

1 :- Xhtmlchop review will convert the raw material that you provide into a full fledged                   Magento website.

2 :- The service allows the owner to edit the content of the website anytime they want. It is           an open source content management system.

3 :- It allows the website to configure with devices other than the computer. As a result, the         website is highly compatible with Ipad, IPhone and Android devices.

4 :- Unlike the other services, the magneto development is blessed with a powerful capacity.        If the website is built with the help of magneto, the site can handle a lot of orders and            information.

5 :- It also looks after order management. They ensure that the customers can view and edit         their orders at any point of time. As a result, customer service is looked after well.

6 :- It helps you connect with the other businessmen who make use of this service. That will         enhance your circle. It will also pave way for vast business opportunities.

7 :- There is a feature which gives you the privilege of page speed optimization. As a result, if        you avail for this feature, the site starts working at a faster rate.

8 :- If you desire for your website to be multilingual, magneto makes sure that you have it.

9 :- Shipping and payment are also handled by offering the option of shipping to multiple             addresses per order. Also, there are many ways through which one can pay the amount.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost depends on the way you wish to customize it. Xhtmlchop reviews have assigned a project manager which acquaints you with all the prices. They make sure that they tell them about the entire expenditure before starting with the order. Also, they will only charge you the price that they quoted. You won’t come across any hidden costs in the future. One should bear in mind that these services are comparatively economical. As a result, obtaining these services isn’t quite a task. The prices are such that even a well renowned businessman or a budding entrepreneur can afford it. The money factor, thus, is not an issue.

For more details please visit our website :- https://www.xhtmlchop.com/magento-development.html

Xhtmlchop Review – Opencart Development

The number of online stores has increased a lot. There is a store available to purchase anything and everything. This has increased the competition for ecommerce websites to perform better than each other. Creating an ecommerce website is a little complicated as many things have to be incorporated. Doing it with the help of Opencart software is a good option to get a fully functional website that performs smoothly. For this, you can approach a reputed service provider like XhtmlChop that helps with Opencart development. They provide various development features like Opencart maintenance and web service. In this, a fully-functional Opencart website is created with the help of image files provided. They provide the themes and templates as per your requirements to create the website you have thought about using Opencart platform as the starting point. They provide multi-lingual support which helps you reach target audiences knowing different languages helping to cover a larger audience. They make the ecommerce website compatible with all major browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera and Safari. Optional features include page speed optimization, iPhone, iPad and android device compatibility, Jquery implementation and retina display compatibility. They emphasize on complete customer satisfaction and offer high quality services.

Benefits of service:-

1. XhtmlChop offers Opencart development service in form of various packages which can be chosen from as per your requirement. They provide numerous advanced features which ensure creating a fully functional ecommerce website. They also offer various optional features which you can select for better development.

2. They provide customized templates and themes to create the website that you require. This means that you can get the best ecommerce website developed without compromising on your ideas.

3. The benefit is that you can run more than one store on a single Opencart installation.
4. You get complete control on the templates. You can choose the template you want and incorporate it into the ecommerce website.

5. The service provides customized reports including information like number of views on each product, number of purchases and more as per your requirement.

6. Multiple currency support makes it possible for users from all countries to use the website.

7. They have a non-disclosure agreement ensuring complete privacy of the information you provide.

8. They have highest quality markup which ensures that they provide top quality work done by experts.

9. Latest browser compatibility improves your overall reach as people using various kinds of devices can get access to your website.

10. They provide 180 day free support which ensures that you get all the assistance required to run the website once it is being created.

How Much Does It Cost?

They provide various payment options making it possible for you to pay for the service as per your convenience and make use of uninterrupted service. Multiple currencies are supported making it possible for clients from various countries to make use of the service. XhtmlChop reviews highlight that it is one of the most affordable Opencart development service in the industry. The homepage starts at $299. The inner page costs $49. They also provide a money back guarantee. The price charged is quite affordable for the quality of professional service offered.

For more detail please visit our website :- https://www.xhtmlchop.com/opencart-development.html

Xhtmlchop Review – PSD to Responsive Joomla

Website designs are usually in the PSD format which is usually not compatible to use on various systems unless they have the format. This makes it important to convert these psd designs or images into a format that is usable on various systems and mobile devices. For this, you can opt for psd to responsive joomla template conversion. A reputed conversion service is Xhtmlchop that delivers best quality conversion work for clients from various industries. They offer many features as part of their service. A fully-functional template is created which helps businesses create websites that are compatible with everything. They make the psd file into a fully responsive and flexible joomla template which works all major browsers and devices. They do the conversion as per your dimensions by using suitable version options.
Xhtmlchop ensures to make a template that is simple, dynamic and yet loads fast which ensures that visitors stay on your website for long. They make your website accessible from various browsers. Optional features includes twitter bootstrap framework which lets quicker and easier web development. The foundation framework allows responsive customization and inbuilt HTML, CSS and JS support for interactive features. They can make your website support multiple languages by implement the necessary Joomla extensions.

psd to joomla

Benefits of service:-

1. The psd to joomla template conversion service is very useful for your website. The designs are made user-friendly and responsive which makes it compatible for tablets, mobile and smart phone devices. This in turn lets you capture everyone who accesses websites on their phones and reach out to them easily. As the website is easy to load, users are bound to stay on it for a longer time. This improves your customer and brings about higher conversion rates.

2. They make use of latest version of Joomla for responsive conversion.

3. The package supports various features like W3C-compliant validation standards, all major browsers, OS support and testing. It includes easy-to-understand hand codes, light-weighted CSS and liquid width layout support. It emphasizes on Google and SEO optimization.

4. The conversion service makes your website compatible across various devices and resolutions improving accessibility to users.

5. They provide onsite installation and support.

6. Multi-language support improves the reach of your website increasing your customer base.

7. Xhtmlchop reviews highlight the highest quality conversion service offered by provider making them trustable and suitable for every business.

8. They follow the non-disclosure agreement ensuring that the information you provide insecure and confidential.

9. They also provide 180 days free support highlighting the importance given to customer service and satisfaction.

How Much Does It Cost?

Xhtmlchop is one of the most affordable psd to responsive joomla template conversion service in the industry. Xhtmlchop review highlights their best quality, professional yet affordable service. For inner page, the cost charged is $249. For inner page, it is $99. They provide a fully functional responsive joomla template in just $249. They have a quick turnaround time of 4 to 7 days. Their pricing makes it comfortable for businesses of any size to make use of the service for all conversion work. Even though the service is highly reputed in the industry, the prices charged are nominal along with timely delivery. They provide a money back guarantee.

For more details please visit our website :- https://www.xhtmlchop.com/psd-to-responsive-joomla-template.html


Xhtmlchop review – Create Adaptable Responsive Sites From PSD Formats With Xhtmlchop

Many companies engage a team of highly competitive and creative designers in order to create an impressive designed site. These skilled designers use vivid colors, eye-catching designs and other tried and tested techniques to enhance a company’s online presence. However, these designs are in PSD format as a result of being created in Adobe Photoshop. It is essential to convert these PSD files into formats that can be understood and uploaded unto the web browser. However, many businessmen and women choose to opt for simple HTML formats not realizing that many users now browse on myriad devices such as tablets and mobile phones. With the infiltration of smart phones and tablets in the market, browsing is no longer restricted to a desktop computer. In fact, many studies indicate that mobile browsing is poised to outnumber desktop browsing in a few years.

It is essential to hire the services of a competent company such as xhtmlchop in order to convert an impressive PSD file into a responsive website. A responsive site quickly resizes the website in order to be suitable for viewing in a variety of devices such as tablets, mobiles, desktops and any other viewing screens.

Benefits of opting for responsive websites:

1 .Improved search engine optimization – Responsive websites are better for optimizing the site for search engines as a single URL will be used even if the site is opened on different devices. All interlinking and backlinking will be done to a single website address which maximizes all SEO efforts.

2 .Compatible with various browsers – Responsive sites are compatible with various browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Google’s Chrome, Microsoft’s internet explorer, Apple’s safari and many others. When websites do not open people migrate to rival sites which reduce traffic to your site. Read xhtmlchop reviews as well as other company reviews to select the best service available online.

3 .Easier coding which reduces time and cost – Websites that are responsive make coding easier which in turn cuts cost and reduces time. This makes it easy and hassle-free for technicians and conversion specialists to convert the PSD file to a responsive website.

4 .180 days free support – Many websites that offer conversion services provide a hundred and eighty day support which is absolutely free. Any glitches or problems while browsing on various devices can instantly be corrected by the experts for free.

5 .Quick launch time – On an average it takes about three to four days to launch the site but it varies depending on the project size.

Cost of service:

Price should not be a burden when someone seeks quality. Many companies charge a high fee for converting small websites which have little content or pages to convert. However, reading a company’s review such as xhtmlchop review will give you a good idea of the quality of service and the price. Typically, it costs about a hundred and forty nine dollars for the homepage and seventy nine dollars for the inner pages. You can request the company to sign a non-disclosure agreement in order to protect your unique designs. Order a PSD to responsive website conversion and reap profits.

For more details please visit our website :- http://www.xhtmlchop.com

Xhtmlchop Review – PSD to Responsive

Websites are the main aspects that cannot be neglected no matter how small or large a business is. A well designed website is enough to take care of all your marketing and promotional needs. You must have noticed that a customer will not wait for your site to open up in varied browsers, they would probably consider alternatives. Taking this aspect into consideration it is wise that Xhtmlchop for the best PSD to responsive conversion service. You might be wondering on what exactly is PSD to responsive conversion service. Well, it is basically a service that makes your site compatible to all the web browsers. Apart from this, it also helps the site to adapt to varied screen sizes of the devices. You surely do not want your customers to keep on scrolling for a menu. The importance of PSD to responsive conversion is felt when you want to create a mobile friendly website. This service has gained immense popularity, the reason being people prefer browsing on their devices rather than on computer. When you have a responsive website design you tend to offer the best customer service. Xhtmlchop ensures the site is compatible to every browser. Surf the site for details.

psd to responsive

Benefits of Service: 

Great Browser Compatibility – As customers prefer browsing the site on their mobile devices it is highly recommended to opt for the PSD to responsive conversion service. Xhtmlchop offers the best conversion services. With the help of this you can be sure of getting your site viewed on every device effectively. A responsive website easily adapts to the screen size of the device. The experts at Xhtmlchop will code the site to ensure it is compatible to both the devices as well as web browsers. It mainly comprise of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and more. They are worth hiring for!

Effective in traffic generation – With the customers preferring only the mobile and other electronic devices to browse the site, having a mobile friendly website is vital. If your site does not open up in the browser they would normally consider the alternative. To ensure you keep your customers it is wise that you consider the PSD to responsive conversion service from Xhtmlchop. Furthermore, you can easily check whether or not your site is responsive by opening the site on the desktop window. If you find the layout changes you know you have got for what you have paid. Go for it!

PSD to Responsive HTML   Xhtmlchop

How Much Does It Cost?

Xhtmlchop offers these service at most reasonable rates possible. To make it affordable, they offer two types of packages such as responsive and non responsive. The responsive package comprise of semantic coding. Special attention is given to the load speed optimization. The prices start from as low as $40 to $349. The responsive package starts from $99 to $449. You can also select the number of inner pages. All you have to do is to offer necessary details and the project title. It is wise that you go through the site to know more. They are worth every penny!

For more details please visit our website :- https://www.xhtmlchop.com/psd-to-responsive.html


Xhtmlchop Review- Magento development

Magento is the perfect tool for marketers to promote their products or services. Features enabled by this ecommerce platform are extensive and provide flexibility to site owners to assume complete control over the site operations. Teeming service providers including Xhtmlchop review, offer conversion tools for preparing the Magento theme. The conversion process covers various aspects such as tools for marketing and promotion, site management, search engine optimization, catalogue browsing and management, checkout, payment, shipping and other purchase-based tools, product categorization and browsing, management of orders, customer accounts and service, and many more. Normally, you can subscribe to this theme without signing additional agreements. The only exception here is if you opt for the Enterprise edition for which, you will need a SLA approval. Whether you opt for a Community version or an Enterprise edition, you will have access to benefits such as bug fixing. Magento has joined hands with the likes of Amazon, PayPal, Google checkout, and others for payment modes.

The basic requirement for the conversion process is a multi-layered PSD source file. Most service providers ask for design sketches for important pages including the main page, the product category page, pages with product description, and cart page. For best results, send your PSD source file in non-standard formats.

Magento Development

Benefits of services

As mentioned before, Magento themes require PSD files for conversion. Apart from the image-to-theme conversion, your Xhtmlchop service provider must deliver the following facilities:

  • Customization is always the unique selling point of any service provider. In addition to this, from the client’s point of view, it is important to consider fundamentals such as page pixilation. Ask for a backup of all the markup codes prepared in formulating your website.
  • Responsive access is the best strategy you can opt for marketing and promoting your products or services. This will enable scaling of websites for cross-browsing compatibility across various platforms including mobiles, laptops, desktops, and tablets.
  • The best part about Magento is that it supports multiple languages! You may enable multilingual access across different regions across the world in order to ensure global recognition. Such strategies work in favor of efficient optimization as well.
  • The creation tool also enables some interesting features such as retina or screen compatibility. This will ensure an amazing browsing experience, which will in turn generate more hits on your website.
  • Even though this falls under the optional range, it is essential that you consider implementing page speed optimization. This will enable visitors to gain immediate response upon punching down your website URL. This is one of the most effective ways of converting visitors to prospective clients.

Features Magento Development

How much does it cost?

The turnaround duration per page takes around 4-5 business days. This duration is negotiable due to a wide range of factors including design complexity, added customizations, extension integration, and so on. Your Xhtmlchop reviews provider will chalk out estimates based on a fixed package with additional charges for supplementary services. Homepage costs are generally higher as compared to the inner pages. Additional charges will incur for additional inner pages. Your total cost will depend on the number of inner pages you add to your site. Generally, homepage design and integration amounts to $299 and one inner page costs $49. You may acquire free technical support for the first 180 days.

Xhtmlchop Review – PSD to Responsive WordPress theme

If you require a completely responsive WordPress theme from PSD, you have come to the right place. Business website should reflect the nature of business and has to be attractive. When it comes to getting a functional website, it is wise to hire PSD to responsive WordPress conversion service offered by Xhtmlchop. This is the best provider and ensures the conversion is done perfectly. They have a team of experts who are well versed and experienced in this field. Furthermore, they will code the WordPress site, which ensures it is compatible to browser as well as various devices. Furthermore, they are embedded with the blog comments that help in connecting with your clients. The WordPress themes can be easily installed. They can also be upgraded anytime. The themes offered by them support a number of features and plug-ins. It mainly comprise of social networking forums, spam protection and others. The teams of experts who get the work down are passionate and updated with the latest technologies. When you hire their services, you know you are in safe hands. The experts will also help in creating custom posts. Surf the site for details. You can even read Xhtmlchop reviews to get an idea on their services.

psd to resp

 Benefits of service

Customization – When you opt for the PSD to responsive WordPress theme, you get to customize the plug-ins based on your business needs and requirements. The plug-ins offered is from advanced to custom forms. Apart from this, they also offer member pages that are optional. The work is done by the experienced team who are skilled developers. They are firm believers of customer satisfaction and offer services accordingly. Furthermore, they will also assist the clients to upgrade whenever there is a latest version of the WordPress launched. The themes are easy to install and upgrade. They will also create customized posts that easily suit your site’s style and needs. Xhtmlchop review speaks a lot about its benefits.

Compatibility – When you have a site, it is of paramount importance that is compatible to all the browsers. A customer always looks forward to visiting a site that is compatible to all the browsers. No one likes to copy and paste the link to another browser, instead they would prefer another site. Taking this aspect into consideration, it is wise to opt for the compatibility feature offered by the PSD to responsive WordPress theme. The experts will code the WordPress site in a way that is compatible all the browsers and also the devices.

pkg resp

How Much Does It Cost?

If you are looking to save big, you are just a step closer. The PSD to responsive WordPress theme services offered are reasonably priced. The cost of per inner page for the WordPress is $99. The prices start from the least $99 to $449. The package offered by them comprise of everything that helps in making your WordPress functional and compatible to all the browsers and devices. Apart from this, the non responsive packages start from $45. They also offer some additional options such as HTML layout, browser compatibility and HTML advanced. Go through the packages to know more.