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Xhtmlchop Review – Opencart Development

The number of online stores has increased a lot. There is a store available to purchase anything and everything. This has increased the competition for ecommerce websites to perform better than each other. Creating an ecommerce website is a little complicated as many things have to be incorporated. Doing it with the help of Opencart software is a good option to get a fully functional website that performs smoothly. For this, you can approach a reputed service provider like XhtmlChop that helps with Opencart development. They provide various development features like Opencart maintenance and web service. In this, a fully-functional Opencart website is created with the help of image files provided. They provide the themes and templates as per your requirements to create the website you have thought about using Opencart platform as the starting point. They provide multi-lingual support which helps you reach target audiences knowing different languages helping to cover a larger audience. They make the ecommerce website compatible with all major browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera and Safari. Optional features include page speed optimization, iPhone, iPad and android device compatibility, Jquery implementation and retina display compatibility. They emphasize on complete customer satisfaction and offer high quality services.

Benefits of service:-

1. XhtmlChop offers Opencart development service in form of various packages which can be chosen from as per your requirement. They provide numerous advanced features which ensure creating a fully functional ecommerce website. They also offer various optional features which you can select for better development.

2. They provide customized templates and themes to create the website that you require. This means that you can get the best ecommerce website developed without compromising on your ideas.

3. The benefit is that you can run more than one store on a single Opencart installation.
4. You get complete control on the templates. You can choose the template you want and incorporate it into the ecommerce website.

5. The service provides customized reports including information like number of views on each product, number of purchases and more as per your requirement.

6. Multiple currency support makes it possible for users from all countries to use the website.

7. They have a non-disclosure agreement ensuring complete privacy of the information you provide.

8. They have highest quality markup which ensures that they provide top quality work done by experts.

9. Latest browser compatibility improves your overall reach as people using various kinds of devices can get access to your website.

10. They provide 180 day free support which ensures that you get all the assistance required to run the website once it is being created.

How Much Does It Cost?

They provide various payment options making it possible for you to pay for the service as per your convenience and make use of uninterrupted service. Multiple currencies are supported making it possible for clients from various countries to make use of the service. XhtmlChop reviews highlight that it is one of the most affordable Opencart development service in the industry. The homepage starts at $299. The inner page costs $49. They also provide a money back guarantee. The price charged is quite affordable for the quality of professional service offered.

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Xhtmlchop Review – PSD to Responsive Joomla

Website designs are usually in the PSD format which is usually not compatible to use on various systems unless they have the format. This makes it important to convert these psd designs or images into a format that is usable on various systems and mobile devices. For this, you can opt for psd to responsive joomla template conversion. A reputed conversion service is Xhtmlchop that delivers best quality conversion work for clients from various industries. They offer many features as part of their service. A fully-functional template is created which helps businesses create websites that are compatible with everything. They make the psd file into a fully responsive and flexible joomla template which works all major browsers and devices. They do the conversion as per your dimensions by using suitable version options.
Xhtmlchop ensures to make a template that is simple, dynamic and yet loads fast which ensures that visitors stay on your website for long. They make your website accessible from various browsers. Optional features includes twitter bootstrap framework which lets quicker and easier web development. The foundation framework allows responsive customization and inbuilt HTML, CSS and JS support for interactive features. They can make your website support multiple languages by implement the necessary Joomla extensions.

psd to joomla

Benefits of service:-

1. The psd to joomla template conversion service is very useful for your website. The designs are made user-friendly and responsive which makes it compatible for tablets, mobile and smart phone devices. This in turn lets you capture everyone who accesses websites on their phones and reach out to them easily. As the website is easy to load, users are bound to stay on it for a longer time. This improves your customer and brings about higher conversion rates.

2. They make use of latest version of Joomla for responsive conversion.

3. The package supports various features like W3C-compliant validation standards, all major browsers, OS support and testing. It includes easy-to-understand hand codes, light-weighted CSS and liquid width layout support. It emphasizes on Google and SEO optimization.

4. The conversion service makes your website compatible across various devices and resolutions improving accessibility to users.

5. They provide onsite installation and support.

6. Multi-language support improves the reach of your website increasing your customer base.

7. Xhtmlchop reviews highlight the highest quality conversion service offered by provider making them trustable and suitable for every business.

8. They follow the non-disclosure agreement ensuring that the information you provide insecure and confidential.

9. They also provide 180 days free support highlighting the importance given to customer service and satisfaction.

How Much Does It Cost?

Xhtmlchop is one of the most affordable psd to responsive joomla template conversion service in the industry. Xhtmlchop review highlights their best quality, professional yet affordable service. For inner page, the cost charged is $249. For inner page, it is $99. They provide a fully functional responsive joomla template in just $249. They have a quick turnaround time of 4 to 7 days. Their pricing makes it comfortable for businesses of any size to make use of the service for all conversion work. Even though the service is highly reputed in the industry, the prices charged are nominal along with timely delivery. They provide a money back guarantee.

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Xhtmlchop review – Create Adaptable Responsive Sites From PSD Formats With Xhtmlchop

Many companies engage a team of highly competitive and creative designers in order to create an impressive designed site. These skilled designers use vivid colors, eye-catching designs and other tried and tested techniques to enhance a company’s online presence. However, these designs are in PSD format as a result of being created in Adobe Photoshop. It is essential to convert these PSD files into formats that can be understood and uploaded unto the web browser. However, many businessmen and women choose to opt for simple HTML formats not realizing that many users now browse on myriad devices such as tablets and mobile phones. With the infiltration of smart phones and tablets in the market, browsing is no longer restricted to a desktop computer. In fact, many studies indicate that mobile browsing is poised to outnumber desktop browsing in a few years.

It is essential to hire the services of a competent company such as xhtmlchop in order to convert an impressive PSD file into a responsive website. A responsive site quickly resizes the website in order to be suitable for viewing in a variety of devices such as tablets, mobiles, desktops and any other viewing screens.

Benefits of opting for responsive websites:

1 .Improved search engine optimization – Responsive websites are better for optimizing the site for search engines as a single URL will be used even if the site is opened on different devices. All interlinking and backlinking will be done to a single website address which maximizes all SEO efforts.

2 .Compatible with various browsers – Responsive sites are compatible with various browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Google’s Chrome, Microsoft’s internet explorer, Apple’s safari and many others. When websites do not open people migrate to rival sites which reduce traffic to your site. Read xhtmlchop reviews as well as other company reviews to select the best service available online.

3 .Easier coding which reduces time and cost – Websites that are responsive make coding easier which in turn cuts cost and reduces time. This makes it easy and hassle-free for technicians and conversion specialists to convert the PSD file to a responsive website.

4 .180 days free support – Many websites that offer conversion services provide a hundred and eighty day support which is absolutely free. Any glitches or problems while browsing on various devices can instantly be corrected by the experts for free.

5 .Quick launch time – On an average it takes about three to four days to launch the site but it varies depending on the project size.

Cost of service:

Price should not be a burden when someone seeks quality. Many companies charge a high fee for converting small websites which have little content or pages to convert. However, reading a company’s review such as xhtmlchop review will give you a good idea of the quality of service and the price. Typically, it costs about a hundred and forty nine dollars for the homepage and seventy nine dollars for the inner pages. You can request the company to sign a non-disclosure agreement in order to protect your unique designs. Order a PSD to responsive website conversion and reap profits.

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