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I am a Team Leader with a reputed web-designing agency in UK. I hv 4 team mebers as developers with sound knowledge of HTML+CSS.Due to number of jobs and urgent requirement of deliveries I used to outsource some of my work to xhtmlchop. As I have tried them in past with number of projects.Here I would like to share the review for one of my project dealt with them.I got a WordPress Project from one of my customer, with e-commerce and shopping cart implementation in it.My team is not that much expert with e-commerce in WordPress, so I outsourced it with Xhtmlchop. I directly contacted with Samuel, who is my dedicated project manager with past project.Samuel used to understand each and every requirement and concerns of my projects. Additional to that he take care of project finalization and delivery as I expect. So I used to deal with him directly over skype chat as well as email.

After getting a review and quote from samuel, I proceeded with order-page using my login details. I placed a PSD to WordPress order with all required specification and implementation as suggested by samuel. In return Samuel given me the reply with due-date as I expected.My project consist of 4 total pages including product page and cart page, so the due-date was of 8 working days which was convinced to Samuel for urgency of my project and he promised to deliver the completed project in 8 working days.After 4 days, I got a reply from Samuel for the progress of completed HTML.Its good to have something for review atleast, so I got the confident about my project completion. I reviewed those html links to get the project perfectly completed.I got few issues on every page related with validation error and some broken divs. Which I pointed out with screenshot and updated to Samuel for corrections.Samuel confirm about the error and proceeded those HTML with WordPress theme, as my main goal was completed WP theme.

Finally the due-date come, for which I was eagerly waiting. I enquired to Samuel about project and he asked to wait for 2 hours.After 2 hours of waiting I got a review mail with the link and admin details.The first review was ok but I found some of the issue which I mentioned before were not solved. So I written back to the samuel.The real issue I found when I logged in to the wp-admin with the details given. I realised that all the sidebad have be coded as custom widgets and HTML coding which I wanted as the dynamic.Also I wanted the contact form to be dynamic which was coded static. The some of the pages were not styled like search result page, product detailed page were broken some where.So again I talked to samuel regarding all the stuff. Actually it was my mistake that I wasn’t communicated about this pages before and they coded whatever only the pages I submitted as design.Samuel asked for 3-4 hours time to make this changes. So I continued started reviewing other stuffs.Other than this stuff, there were no major issues. After 4 hours I got the updated reply with the updated theme.It saved my lot of time from being stucked with admin panel of wp theme as well as save time of my developers. The other small alignment and editing issues I can manage with my inhouse team.Oveall the end result was helpful for me to process the work with my clients requirement and finalise the theme.After completion of review, they sent me the final files in theme with plugins and database.Which I uploaded to my server for installation of WP. Some configurations caused my trouble with working of theme, but again the support team helped me with the instructions to configure the theme.

Comparing to other developers and outsourcers xhtmlchop helped me a lot with my time and requirement of the project.So I used to opt them for my further projects as well.

Review Writer: George Vincent

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