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Xhtmlchop Review – Magento Development

Building an e-commerce website is quite a task. Usually all the designing files are available in the PSD format. Using these files for a website may not be feasible. It makes sense to convert them into a compatible format for the website. For this, you can approach a reputed Magento development service such as Xhtmlchop. They covert your image files into a fully functional Magento website. They let you implement paid extensions. They provide Magento customization and integration services along with perfect pixel conversion. They also offer hand-coded markups ensuring that you get the best template. They make your website responsive. This makes it compatible to open on various devices like mobile, tablets, desktop, TV, and more devices. The service helps with the installation by delivering theme files. They take care of the installation of the files to your server. They handle all the work completely, not letting you worry about anything. They provide a template that comes with multi-lingual support. This helps your website reach out to people of various languages. They offer various optional features like mega-level dropdown, CSS frameworks, page speed optimization and many more. IPhone, iPad, and Android compatibility, jQuery implementation, retina display and screen readers compatibility are other features included in the package.

Xhtml review magento deveopment
Benefits of Service -

* The most important aspect of a website is the accessibility. Xhtmlchop PSD to Magento conversion service helps to create a responsive template that is compatible to open on various devices. This makes it possible for people using various kinds of devices to get access to your website. This helps to improve the reach of your website.

* The multi-lingual support feature included in the PSD to Magento conversion package helps to reach out to people of various languages.
This improves your visibility largely as people with numerous languages can get access to it to gain information.

* The feature providing clarity for retina-supportive devices makes it possible for people with visual imparity to check your website, expanding your reach even more.

* Xhtmlchop reviews highlight the highest quality markup offered by the service. They ensure to offer the best quality work to clients immaterial of the size and complexity of conversions.

* They create templates that are compatible with latest browsers making it possible to be accessed by everyone making it credible and easily usable to internet users.

* They provide 180 days free support ensuring to look after all the requirements of clients.

* They have a non-disclosure agreement, which ensures maximum privacy of your work.

How much does it cost?

Xhtmlchop offers one of the most affordable PSD conversion service in the industry. They offer the best quality PSD to Magento conversion service. You can make use of their service in form of a package with the best features. The home page is converted at the cost of $299. For the inner page, $99 is charged. They provide a 100% money back guarantee, which gives you an assurance of their service. Xhtmlchop review highlights the affordability of the service making it feasible for everyone to make use of the service. You can order for the service directly on the website.

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Xhtmlchop Review – PSD to Joomla

xhtmlchop review - psd to joomlaMost websites get their designing work done in the PSD format. From usability point of view, a website cannot be used in the PSD format and has to be converted into some format that eases its usage and makes it compatible across browsers. For this, you can get the PSD work converted to Joomla. To get this done, you can take the help of a reputed service provider like Xhtmlchop. They provide the service in the form of a package that includes various features. You get a fully functional template that works as a back end to the website. The templates are easy to install and use making it simple for you to manage your website through the CMS. They work on the version of Joomla you require.

The template offered is light which fast load speed of the website. The templates are designed in such a way that they are compatible to work on different browsers. As optional features, the service provides multi-language support in which the template can be used in various languages. Proper extensions are made use of to make it work in various regional and worldwide languages. Other optional features are K2 component and VirtuMart installation. They provide responsive layout, single-page portfolio, onsite installation, and support.

Benefits of Service -

* As the load speed of the website is fast, visitors can easily search for whatever they want on it. They do not have to spend much time waiting for it to load. This is bound to bring about an increase in re-visits and new visitors to the website.

* The templates are compatible across a range of browsers, which makes it possible for everyone to get access to it. This increases the number of visitors to your website.

* Xhtmlchop has experts with many years of experience in providing conversion work to clients from different industries. This ensures that your work is done with maximum professionalism.

* Xhtmlchop reviews highlight the high quality markup they maintain for the work. As the work is done by professionals, the quality of work is very good. They handle simple as well as complex projects. They ensure to provide work with best quality standards.

* They follow a non-disclosure agreement, which ensures that your work is kept private.

* They provide 180 days free support. This means that if there is any issue or query regarding the work they provide, you can get it solved immediately without any delay.

* The packages they offer come with the best features making it beneficial for you to make use of the service.

How much does it cost?

Xhtmlchop is one of the most affordable PSD conversion service. Xhtmlchop review highlights the best quality PSD to Joomla conversion service offered by the provider. The cost for the home page starts at $149. For the inner page, $39 is charged. It is one of those companies that offer 100% money back guarantee. This gives clients the assurance about the quality of work. They could even get it re-done if they are not satisfied with it. You can place your order directly on the website of the service. Their packages include numerous features at affordable prices. Prices for all packages are described in detail on the site.

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Xhtmlchop Review – PSD to Responsive

Websites are the main aspects that cannot be neglected no matter how small or large a business is. A well designed website is enough to take care of all your marketing and promotional needs. You must have noticed that a customer will not wait for your site to open up in varied browsers, they would probably consider alternatives. Taking this aspect into consideration it is wise that Xhtmlchop for the best PSD to responsive conversion service. You might be wondering on what exactly is PSD to responsive conversion service. Well, it is basically a service that makes your site compatible to all the web browsers. Apart from this, it also helps the site to adapt to varied screen sizes of the devices. You surely do not want your customers to keep on scrolling for a menu. The importance of PSD to responsive conversion is felt when you want to create a mobile friendly website. This service has gained immense popularity, the reason being people prefer browsing on their devices rather than on computer. When you have a responsive website design you tend to offer the best customer service. Xhtmlchop ensures the site is compatible to every browser. Surf the site for details.

psd to responsive

Benefits of Service: 

Great Browser Compatibility – As customers prefer browsing the site on their mobile devices it is highly recommended to opt for the PSD to responsive conversion service. Xhtmlchop offers the best conversion services. With the help of this you can be sure of getting your site viewed on every device effectively. A responsive website easily adapts to the screen size of the device. The experts at Xhtmlchop will code the site to ensure it is compatible to both the devices as well as web browsers. It mainly comprise of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and more. They are worth hiring for!

Effective in traffic generation – With the customers preferring only the mobile and other electronic devices to browse the site, having a mobile friendly website is vital. If your site does not open up in the browser they would normally consider the alternative. To ensure you keep your customers it is wise that you consider the PSD to responsive conversion service from Xhtmlchop. Furthermore, you can easily check whether or not your site is responsive by opening the site on the desktop window. If you find the layout changes you know you have got for what you have paid. Go for it!

PSD to Responsive HTML   Xhtmlchop

How Much Does It Cost?

Xhtmlchop offers these service at most reasonable rates possible. To make it affordable, they offer two types of packages such as responsive and non responsive. The responsive package comprise of semantic coding. Special attention is given to the load speed optimization. The prices start from as low as $40 to $349. The responsive package starts from $99 to $449. You can also select the number of inner pages. All you have to do is to offer necessary details and the project title. It is wise that you go through the site to know more. They are worth every penny!

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