Xhtmlchop review – Create Adaptable Responsive Sites From PSD Formats With Xhtmlchop

Many companies engage a team of highly competitive and creative designers in order to create an impressive designed site. These skilled designers use vivid colors, eye-catching designs and other tried and tested techniques to enhance a company’s online presence. However, these designs are in PSD format as a result of being created in Adobe Photoshop. It is essential to convert these PSD files into formats that can be understood and uploaded unto the web browser. However, many businessmen and women choose to opt for simple HTML formats not realizing that many users now browse on myriad devices such as tablets and mobile phones. With the infiltration of smart phones and tablets in the market, browsing is no longer restricted to a desktop computer. In fact, many studies indicate that mobile browsing is poised to outnumber desktop browsing in a few years.

It is essential to hire the services of a competent company such as xhtmlchop in order to convert an impressive PSD file into a responsive website. A responsive site quickly resizes the website in order to be suitable for viewing in a variety of devices such as tablets, mobiles, desktops and any other viewing screens.

Benefits of opting for responsive websites:

1 .Improved search engine optimization – Responsive websites are better for optimizing the site for search engines as a single URL will be used even if the site is opened on different devices. All interlinking and backlinking will be done to a single website address which maximizes all SEO efforts.

2 .Compatible with various browsers – Responsive sites are compatible with various browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Google’s Chrome, Microsoft’s internet explorer, Apple’s safari and many others. When websites do not open people migrate to rival sites which reduce traffic to your site. Read xhtmlchop reviews as well as other company reviews to select the best service available online.

3 .Easier coding which reduces time and cost – Websites that are responsive make coding easier which in turn cuts cost and reduces time. This makes it easy and hassle-free for technicians and conversion specialists to convert the PSD file to a responsive website.

4 .180 days free support – Many websites that offer conversion services provide a hundred and eighty day support which is absolutely free. Any glitches or problems while browsing on various devices can instantly be corrected by the experts for free.

5 .Quick launch time – On an average it takes about three to four days to launch the site but it varies depending on the project size.

Cost of service:

Price should not be a burden when someone seeks quality. Many companies charge a high fee for converting small websites which have little content or pages to convert. However, reading a company’s review such as xhtmlchop review will give you a good idea of the quality of service and the price. Typically, it costs about a hundred and forty nine dollars for the homepage and seventy nine dollars for the inner pages. You can request the company to sign a non-disclosure agreement in order to protect your unique designs. Order a PSD to responsive website conversion and reap profits.

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4 thoughts on “Xhtmlchop review – Create Adaptable Responsive Sites From PSD Formats With Xhtmlchop

  1. Robin

    I would recommend xhtmlchop for converting PSD files to responsive websites for a number of reasons. The team is professional and I could sign a non-disclosure agreement with the company in order to protect my designs. Additionally, it provides cross-browser compatible sites which means it could be viewed any browser. Technical glitches were repaired with ease.

  2. Herny

    I had created eye-catching designs for my website in the PSD file format. However, it needed to be converted to the appropriate file in order to upload unto the browser. I found many companies providing the conversion but xhtmlchop proved to be highly efficient, effective and reasonably priced.

  3. Domnic

    I was looking for ways to spruce up my existing homemade cupcake site. I realized that my niece found it hard to browse through the site on her mobile and was looking for good companies. Xhtmlchop provided me a responsive site which could easily be viewed on mobile phones.

  4. Salian

    Xhtmlchop is a premier conversion company that provided me high quality responsive sites for my PSD files. I found the team to be high competent, cooperative and extremely professional in delivering the website in time for its launch. The rates were also cost-effective keeping in mind the industry standards.


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