Xhtmlchop Review-Optimize your Campaign with PSD to Email Conversion Services

With more and more people using the internet for shopping and other commercial activities, internet marketing has gained an unprecedented importance. Personalized HTML emailer marketing and newsletters have become the preferred tools for advertisers to promote their products. They are used in a variety of ways to create awareness among consumers. However the challenges faced in creating emailers that are compatible with a wide variety of email tools like Thunderbird, Eudora or Outlook are many. With the number of email services such as hotmail, msn yahoo, it becomes even more necessary to create templates and CSS supported codes that are versatile. The best way to do this to to convert designs into an HTML email template using services from companies such as xhtmlchop. Having PSD converted into email has a certain process. From designing the email, slicing the PSD file, then converting it to email requires immaculate execution. It needs to be tested across all the various platforms and popular browsers to check compatibility before it is integrated into your webmail and is ready to be used. Hiring a professional and expert team for the email conversion service is the best way to ensure that the job is done well.

Benefits of the service

  • Compatibility: Your emailer will be compatibility with a large number of email as well as desktop email clients. The most popular and widely used clients are included in this list. 
  • Customization: It is possible to create highly customized emails that allow you to promote your brand efficiently. The mailer is designed in Photoshop which promotes creative freedom in terms of style, design, fonts, color schemes etc. This design is then used to convert it into a web compatible format. 
  • Targeted customer: PSD to email allows mailers to address the specific users. It is known that there are more chances that a customer will respond to mails that are personally addressed to them. This makes your ad campaign individual and customer oriented. 
  • Interactive Emails: The attractive layout and content of the emailer will ensure that your email is not just dismissed by the customer. It will increase the chances of being responded to. 
  • Integration: The flexibility that HTML coding to email offers easy integration into webmail and allows complete control of your campaign. You can refer to xhtmlchop review to know more. 
  • Feedback: Instant notification for the action taken with regards to your emailer. The information of whether the consumer has seen, responded or clicked any of the service links can be retrieved. This will help you customize and enhance your strategy for the future campaigns.

How much does it cost?

Packages for PSD to email conversions start as low as $45. They are based on the table markup with inline style attribute for each particular element. The average size recommended to be used is 600px. The services are highly affordable and include satisfaction guarantee and money back guarantee. The company will make sure that every aspect of the conversion is done to perfection. You can check out Xhtmlchop reviews to know more about the services.

For more details please visit our website :- https://www.xhtmlchop.com/psd-to-email.html

10 thoughts on “Xhtmlchop Review-Optimize your Campaign with PSD to Email Conversion Services

  1. Vicky Mitchell

    Thanks for the information you have provided regarding PSD to email conversion. It can get confusing as to what exactly it is that you need to focus on but hiring professional help is the right advice. It helps you get an advanced picture of specific details and problem areas that need work

  2. Malvin Parker

    I have done a recent conversion from PSD to email and attest to every point mentioned here. It really helped my advertising campaign tremendously. After the changes I made in all the aspects mentioned in this article, I was able to improve the feedback and click rate on the mailers. That is a big achievement in my eyes.

  3. Richa Simmons

    Internet marketing is truly a great way to promote your brand without investing majorly. I really love the feedback module you mentioned in the mailer. Seems like a great tool to garner customer reaction to your campaign. Thanks for the detailed article; it helped me gain clarity in the concept.

  4. Alay Gonzalez

    I have been using emailers and newsletter for some time to promote my service and every point mentioned here is worth its weight in gold. Thank you for summarizing them so well. It has helped me refresh my strategy. You have done a great job. Keep up the good work.

  5. Clay Flores

    The prices mentioned in this article are really worth considering. I have tried certain services for PSD to email conversions and no one provided such affordable rates. If only I had come across this service before. Anyway, thanks for the great write-up, includes some really great points to remember.

  6. Robin Taylor

    Thanks for the comprehensive article. This article helped me understand all the different aspects involved in conceptualizing and designing attractive and versatile newsletters. I had no idea how easy it is to let your efforts go in vain by ignoring these important points. I am really grateful I came across this article.

  7. Adams Green

    This article outlines almost all the major points, the most essential being compatibility. As a promotions manager I have known many ad campaigns failing because these conditions were not taken care of. It’s best to do your research and preparation and hiring professional services before you decide to jump right in.

  8. Ray Carter

    I had no idea how essential it is to design an emailer template that is not only attractive but responsive and compatible across all the various desktop and online email clients. This is a great article outlining all the points to be kept in mind before starting the ad campaign.

  9. Wollen Haley

    PSD to email is one of the most important things to consider before starting out any ad campaign. There are so many processes included in sending out emails that they should not go to waste just because your email was not good enough to be seen. Thanks for the article.

  10. Nara Bloom

    I had decided to start an emailer campaign for my brand but had no idea that they play such an important role in the promotion of a service. Thanks for detailing all the benefits briefly. Now I will surely consider all of them before designing my campaign.


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