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A significant amount of emphasis is placed on websites today. As the online presence of a company gains a higher importance than its offline image, businesses are increasingly investing in the official website. However, as video, audio and galleries incorporated on a webpage are attracting more customers than a simple site, business owners are scrambling to hire technicians and designers. Converting your well-designed PSD website to an HTML5 file is paramount for uploading it unto the web. Conversion specialists such as Xhtmlchop provide this popular service to business owners from myriad industries. A HTML5 conversion is considerably different from a simply HTML conversion. It includes elements such as video, audio and canvas in order to make the site more interactive and engage users. It makes navigation easier by improving on flexibility and response rate.

With the help of this conversion, websites will no longer be simple and boring. The diverse elements helps companies further customize the website and thereby increase traffic in the long-run. Internet users are expecting much more when he or she opens a site. Videos are gaining popularity due to its visual and audio content. It makes it easier for visitors to understand your product or service and its numerous advantages.


Benefits of service:-

1. Search engine friendly site – Purchasing a package for converting your PSD file into an HTML5 one will ensure that all components of the site are optimized for various search engines. Designs, videos, animation and other features apart from the content will be made in accordance to latest Google updates. This ensures that your website will garner higher number of hits.

2. Non-disclosure agreement – As rivals continuously try to outsmart you, you can protect your designs and website features by signing a non-disclosure agreement with a few conversion specialists. This ensures that the company is liable in case of a leak and your designs are secured no matter what.

3. Animation, video and audio – The biggest advantage of HTML5 is the fact that you can make the site highly interactive and personalized. Using elements such as video, audio and others you customize the site according to your business needs. Read Xhtmlchop reviews to know more.

4. Enhanced page speed – With the HTML5 package, your website will be quicker and take less load time. This makes sure that any visitor does not go to rival sites if your website does not open.

5. Compatibility with various apple devices – With the surge in sales of apple products, having your website compatible with various apple devices such as iPhone and iPad is essential.

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How Much Does It Cost?

The quality of service delivered by the conversion experts makes the price relatively economical in nature. Packages start for as low as eighty five US dollars for the homepage are available and inner pages cost an additional thirty nine dollars. A money back guarantee is provided if services are deemed unsatisfactory by the client. However, a dedicated project manager will ensure that no such problems arise and you only receive top quality conversion. It is pertinent that you not only compare prices while reading an Xhtmlchop review but also the features and services within each.

5 thoughts on “Xhtmlchop Review – psd to html5

  1. William Creado

    Xhtmlchop is the ideal firm to get your conversion done well. I had a PSD file that I wished to convert into an HTML document. However, during the process I realized that I needed to incorporate my firm’s YouTube video unto the site in order to improve traffic numbers.

  2. Henry D'costa

    I noticed many rival websites introducing elements such as video and audio to enhance the online presence and improve brand image. In the hotel business, brand image means everything, so I decided to make an even better video that would be uploaded on the site. I used the competent services of Xhtmlchop in order to do so.

  3. Robin Mendis

    I am in the escort business and wished to upload a new site that would adequately display the skills of our vivacious girls for hire. Thankfully, Xhtmlchop did a great job in delivering quality conversion! I was impressed with the quick turnaround time and high quality work done by the experts.

  4. Mitchell Jordan

    I was looking to spruce up my website when I came across an affordable conversion package by Xhtmlchop. The company provided a dedicated project manager that ensured all needs were meet. The converted responsive site was delivered on time. Within a few months I have noticed increased traffic and better sales revenue.

  5. Dennis Fernandes

    My firm needed a new site in order to inform customers about the business. I was looking for companies that would convert the designer’s artistic work into an easily navigable website. Using the HTML5 package provided by Xhtmlchop proved to be the perfect fit.


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